We are a group of EUROPEAN adult patients, all diagnosed ADHD by adult psychiatry specialists. We suffer, at different level, from chronic symptoms due to our disorder (hyperimpulsivity, hyperanxiety, intestinal pains, tics, depressive tendencies, alcoholic and drug abuse tendencies, distractibility, mood instability, sleep issues, suicidal tendencies, ...).

We consider that it is of our responsability to inform patients, or any interested person, and contribute to knowledge expansion.

 In that aim, we put at visitor disposal, a large number of documents related to cannabinoids effects on ADHD symptoms (articles, scientific papers, testimonies, videos, ...). This collection have been realised with references available on the internet freely. No copyright issue are engaged in this site. This site wants to be a concentrate of the actual state of the art that lead us to the final idea : Medicinal cannabis is a viable alternative treatment for ADHD.

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