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This site is dedicated to the scientific and experimental information on the experienced benefits of Cannabinoids for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It includes the treatment of typical chronic symptoms expressed in many ADHD adults ; impulsivity, anxiety, lack of attention, depression tendency, drug abuses tendencies and death / suicidal ideations, PTSD, tics, TOC, ... It is an undeniable fact that thousands of diagnosed, or undiagnosed ADHD people, all over the world, independently of local national laws, use cannabis and cannabinoids as an alternative medication to standard medications like methylphenidate, anxiolytics, antidepressant and benzodiazepines.

The actual situation  regarding the medical use of cannabis active constituents (cannabinoids : THC, CBD, CBG, ...) for treating ADHD is very different depending on countries.  Some countries like Canada, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Austria and 15 US States (including California, Oregon,...), tolerate the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoïds for a variety of conditions , including ADHD and other mental disorders like Bipolar Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In those countries, it is possible for ADHD patients to obtain a legal prescription (or recommendation) for medicinal cannabis with the approval, and control, of a doctor. In the other countries, medicinal cannabis is strictly prohibited by national laws on narcotics and therapeutic benefits are denied.

Aim of this web pages is to inform doctors, researchers as well as patients, or any individual interested person in that field :  why and how phyto-cannabinoids act in the human brain? It is astonishing to see how far the different sciences (pharmacology, genetic, neuro-immunology, psychiatry, nutrition, ...) have been to date, and how complementary they are.

The actual state of the art suggests that the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the human one, with its own endocannabinoids, is closely involved in ADHD neurological functioning, thus playing a major role in the expression of chronic symptoms. As it is assumed for the cause of Schizophrenia, beside a "dopamine hypothesis" of ADHD, a "cannabinoid hypothesis" can be suggested. Adressing this system (ECS) by the way of a "biologicaly compatible" plant, used by humankind for centuries, containing 80 identified phytocannabinoids, takes all its sense  ....

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NORWAY (march 2011) : Drug agency considers import of cannabis by a Norwegian citizen from a Dutch pharmacy as legal (click here for article).

A Norwegian citizen suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) tried to import cannabis of the Dutch company Bedrocan from a Dutch pharmacy to Norway, which was however confisciated by the border police. Mr Berg wanted to try a treatment with cannabis, which is supported by his doctor.

According to an e-mail to the IACM Mr. Berg. received a letter from a juridical adviser under the Health & Social Services (Ombudsman) telling him that the Norwegian Drug Agency has confirmed to them that he did not break the law by bringing cannabis from a Dutch pharmacy to Norway, according to article 75 of the Schengen agreement between EURopean countries. Mr. Berg is now expecting that he will get his cannabis back from the police.

(Source: Personal communication by Mr Berg of 2 March 2011)

SWEDEN : First ADHD patient treated with Dronabinol -THC

Nov. 2010 : Joakim is the first ADHD citizen to be autorized to treat ADHD, its associated symptoms and related PTSD by the dronabinol under doctor prescription (click here for article).
Joakim Hedström is the first Swedish citizen who is allowed to use THC (dronabinol) medicinally, which was prescribed to him by a German doctor and imported by him to Sweden. On his website he states that "for the past 5 years, I have been discussing the positive experiences I have gained using cannabis medicinally to combat my ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] symtoms. I've spoken with doctors, politicians and scientists explaining about my use; and how it helps me where the other twenty prescription drugs I've tried did not."

In June he went to Germany to visit a doctor and was prescribed dronabinol. Upon re-entry to Sweden and declaring his medicine, he was interrogated by the Swedish customs office, and later the Swedish police. However, the charges against him due to the importation of illegal narcotics were dropped in November. The prosecutor said that, "in light of the evidence presented, I see no objective reason to press charges, or to expect a conviction." Two days later Mr. Hedström received a package from the police containing his dronabinol" (Source : IACM bulletin 21 Nov. 2011 here).

CANADA : Treating Yourself Journal Issue #17 focus on ADD / ADHD and the endocannabinoid system (19 pages)


ICRS 2009 Symposium - Pheasant Run (USA) - 8-11 Jul. 2009

Click here to read the 3 abstracts related to ADHD:

"Medicinal Cannabis: How Cannabinoids Can Help Treating ADHD?"
LB M.Sc.A. Ing (Fr), NW (Lux), Dr David Bearman MD (USA, California) --> see the ADHD related articles in  the  ICRS Symposium book of abstracts.

"Clinical Application of Basic Research-Cannabis and Cannabinoids in the Treatment of ADD / ADHD, Dr David Bearman MD (USA, California).

"Cannabinoid CB1 Receptor Antagonist Blockage at Birth May Be Associated with ADHD"

David Bearman M.D. (California) : ADHD and endocannabinoid System Video (2004) 


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